The Steelceramics Mug By Sara Verdier

Your favourite drinks just taste better with Steelceramics. Stainless steel body, double-wall insulation & ceramic-coated interior.
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This reward can be redeemed unlimited times
Full Description
Designed & engineered for the perfect drinking experience. Your favourite drinks just taste better with this Steelceramics mug from Sara Verdier.

- Stainless steel double-wall insulation on the outside
- Ceramic-coated on the inside

Sara Verdier's unique ceramic coating eliminates any residual smell or metallic taste commonly associated with stainless steel while the double-wall stainless steel exterior keeps your drinks hot or cold just the way you like it.

The reward is a single Steelceramics mug. You may choose from the following colors: matte blue, matte grey, matte pink or glossy white.

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How To Redeem
1. The reward (A single Steelceramics mug) will be shipped to your address.
2. You will receive instructions by email on how to receive the reward and which color your prefer for the mug.